4 Tips for Upgrading Your Technology Game

Oftentimes, I wonder what I could be doing to boost my experience with technology. While I know my phone could use an update (it’s from 2016), it’s served me well enough the past 30 months. And though that’s on the horizon, I feel like I’m pretty comfortable with the amount of tech I have and the level it all processes at.

But when you don’t have everything up to speed or at least pretty darn usable, things can really seem slow. And when that’s the case, your productivity plummets about as much as your will to even use the hardware.

So, while I’m not suggesting you need to break the bank and upgrade everything you own that’s considered technological, you probably should at least update a few of your things to bring it all up to speed.

Get a nicer computer

You won’t believe how bogged down your old computer is until you get a newer model with tons of free space. While I still get aggravated wondering where the heck all my memory space goes, a newer computer doesn’t overheat as much, runs a heck of a lot smoother, and is generally more responsive and seamless.

Have the right furniture to house your TV

This may be a little bit extra of me, but putting your main television on a squat TV stand with no character is the same as parking your brand new Corvette on the street. It’s not good for the security of your TV and it just doesn’t look good whatsoever. I’m not suggesting you get a $3,000 home entertainment system, but I am saying you should try to look around for a good deal on something better than an old wooden table to put your TV on. If you’re having trouble moving the heavier TV stands around but don’t want to scratch your floors, try breaking down some old cheap moving boxes and lay them down underneath your heavier furniture. This makes it easy to drag along the floor without ever scratching it. If you don’t happen to have any cheap moving boxes, you can always lay down an old quilt or comforter that doesn’t get much use anymore.

Don’t shirk on the Internet

Buying decent Internet is a game changer around your home. If your signal doesn’t reach to all rooms in your house or your download speed is abysmal, you know it’s time to upgrade or get a new service altogether. I can’t imagine waiting for a Netflix show to actually download any longer than 5 seconds once I hit “Play.” There’s just something unacceptable about waiting for things to load in this day and age.

Get an ergonomic mouse (and mousepad)

I can’t stress this one enough. I went a good half year without using a mouse on my work laptop. As soon as I got one for Christmas, I haven’t looked back. I almost feel useless when I forget my mouse, so I don’t know how I ever survived without the mouse. You’ll thank yourself down the road when you avoid carpal tunnel, too, by having a very comfortable (and healthy!) mouse to rest your hand on.